Professional Organizations and Presentations

Professional Organizations, Current Member

BEA Panel

  • Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Member
  • Broadcast Education Association, Member
  • Online News Association, Member
Officer in National Organizations:
  • AEJMC Student Digital Competition Chair (2016-17)
  • BEA International Division Chair (2007-09)
  • Broadcast Education Association Co-Chair International Division (2005-07)
  • Student Adviser, Radio & Television News Directors Association (2002-05)
Refereed Presentation:
  • Broadcast Education Association Regional Conference (October 2016) “Navigating the Social Media Wave: Pivotal methods for storytelling in the classroom”
  • University of Oregon “What is Documentary?” Conference (April 2014) – “Dance on Camera: Capturing the Art of Movement”
  • AEJMC National Convention (August 2005) – “The Jeeter Bug: Mission Over Iwo Jima”
Professional Panel Presentations (National Conventions)
  • “Navigating the Social Media Wave: Pivotal methods for storytelling in the classroom” (The 7th Asian Conference in Media and Mass Communication, Kobe, Japan, October 2016) Virtual Presenter
  • “Digging the Social Scene: Using social media to help students find creative story ideas” (AEJMC August 2016) Teaching Marathon participant
  • “New Age Storytelling Cocktail: Mix two-parts tradition, one-part technology with a sprinkle of ingenuity” (BEA April 2016) Moderator & Panelist
  • “Social Media and Global News Coverage: Incorporating international stories into campus newscasts using research skills at your fingertips” (BEA April 2014) Moderator & Panelist
  • “Broadcasting from the Antarctic: The Second Byrd Expedition” (BEA April 2014) Moderator
  • “Broadcasting History: Radio, TV and New Media (National Council on Public History, March 2014) Panelist
  • “New Approaches to Broadcast History: Beneath the Surface of World War II Records” (BEA April 2013) Panelist
  • “Political Reporting: Teaching students to peel away the rhetoric and investigate real issues of a political campaign.” (BEA April 2012) Moderator
  • “Documents vs. Documentary” (BEA April 2012) Panelist
  • “An International Frontier: Identifying and Reporting Women’s Global Issues” (BEA April 2009) Moderator & Panelist
  • “Producing Documentaries: Teaching Students to Inform and Educate” (April 2007) Moderator & Panelist
  • “The Past is Present: Helping Journalism Students Understand the Role of History in Everyday Reporting — aka Hey, Dude What’s a Watergate?” (BEA April 2006) Moderator & Panelist
  • “Global Issue Awareness” (BEA April 2005) Moderator
  • “Dateline Overseas” (BEA April 2004) Panelist