“Social Media and News Reporting” Trailer (in post-production)

This video is a teaching tool intended to help university students better understand the relationship between social media and news reporting. This video is divided into five chapters.  Each chapter is based on a theme including “The Essentials of Covering State Politics,” “A Day in the Life of an Online Reporter,” and “Behind the Scenes at Storify.” Experts provide important information to prepare journalism students for jobs after graduation in digital news. The video explains how to use social media in newsgathering; story research; developing a digital database; and news dissemination platforms.


Behind the Curtain: Tutus & Tenacity
This documentary is about the people who create the imagery and magic on stage in the world of ballet. They are the pattern-makers, fabric designers, costumers, dancers and choreographers who all play a role in the production of a tutu. The immense gathering of tulle, netting and glitter are synonymous with classical ballet, and there’s a history of tutus worth exploring that involves dance icons and the richness of movement.


Investigating Grace
A short film that shows an unusual collaboration between a professional dance troupe, ODC/Dance and students from SFSU’s Dance Department. The program, which received an NEA American Masterpieces Grant, explored the concepts of love and loss through the choreography of OCD/Dance founder Brenda Way.


Bay Area Dance Stories
This short documentary focuses on the importance of dance in Bay Area communities. It includes San Francisco State dancers and the Tap Dancing Christmas Trees of Alameda


The Inspiration of Albirda Rose
Dr. Albirda Rose, a Professor of Dance at SF state for more than 30 years, volunteers her talents, and her students, to bring dance to disadvantaged youth in San Francisco.


The Jeeter Bug: Mission over Iwo Jima
This is the story of a WWII bomber crew that crash-landed on Iwo Jima during the height of fighting in early 1945. The near disaster forged a brotherhood among the men that has lasted for over 60 years. This half-hour program is run annually on PBS stations nationwide on Memorial Day and Veterans Day observances.


Growing, Growing, Gone?
This program looks at the diminishing Sonoran Desert due to massive development in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, and its effects on natural resources and wildlife. The show aired as a half-hour special on KAET-TV, the PBS station in Phoenix, and a companion radio documentary ran on KJZZ-FM, the area’s NPR affiliate.


On the Border: Arizona Immigration
This short documentary was produced for KAET-TV, PBS station in Phoenix, Nogales, Arizona, rests on the U.S.-Mexico border. Immigrants were fleeing north to the U.S. through gaps in the border fence. Border security was unable to control the flow of immigrants, which caused a great deal of political and social unrest throughout the state.


The Heat is On
This 30-minute documentary addresses the subject of climate change in the Phoenix Metropolitan area brought on by population growth. The program was produced for “Horizon” KAET’s nightly round-table news show.

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