Town Fears Nuclear Fallout 

(PBS/Deutsche Welle)— Many residents of a small town in Northern Ireland are battling cancer. They blame fallout from a nuclear power plant located across the Irish Sea in England. We hear tragic stories from these residents as well as from government officials who deny any connection between the cancer cluster in Kilclief and possible fallout from the plant.


Campaign Finance Reform 

(Arizona PBS)—This story on Arizona’s Clean Election Initiative aired on PBS stations in Several States in which campaign finance reform was before the voters. My report on the movement to eliminate private money in elections was filed at KAET-TV in Phoenix


Breast Implant Class Action Lawsuit 

(CNN)—Women filing a class action lawsuit against the lawmakers of allegedly defective silicone breast implants tell their stories.


Russian Election 

(PBS/Deutsce Welle)—The first democratically held elections in Russia brought strong political diversity to the forefront. Russia was shedding its soviet system yet many Russians were already longing for the old Communist Party ways. Some even though Czarist days would be better than the uncertainty of a westernized Democracy.


Poland’s Youngest Prime Minister: A Profile of Waldemar Pawlak 

(PBS/Deutsche Welle)—This report takes a look at the early days in office of Waldemar Pawlak. He served only 33 days in his first run in high office but was elected to a full term the following year. Pawlak’s “go slow” approach to economic reform was controversial and not endorsed by his predecessor, the popular Lech Walesa.


Slovenia’s Economy

(PBS/Deutsche Welle)—Unemployed workers comment on hoe touch it is to try and find work after living in a communist nation when nearly everyone had a job. Western companies locating in Slovenia for cheaper labor find they must cut back when economic times get tough.


American Business in Monte Carlo 

(PBS/Deutshe Welle)—A Texas woman takes on Monte Carlo with her American “Stars & Bars” restaurant but not without enduring layers of red tape. Monte Carlo business leaders comment on the trend.


EuroDisney Woes 

(PBS/Deutsche Welle)—EuroDisney, located outside Paris, was controversial before it ever hit the drawing board. The theme park opened amid an economic downturn in France, which prompted many to express their likes and dislikes about this American import.

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