Phone: (415) 596-6119


Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ    M.M.C. 2000

Walter Cronkite School of Communication

Master of Mass Communication

Emphasis: Political Journalism

University of Kent, Canterbury, England (Rotary Scholarship)

Post Graduate Work: Political Sociology

University of Vienna, Salzburg, Austria (Summer)

Area of study: Neutrality and Non-Alignment; International Relations

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI  

B.S. Social Sciences, College of Arts & Letters

University Work___________________________________________________

Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication

Iowa State University, Ames, IA

Faculty                            August 2017 – Present

JLMC 201 Reporting and Writing for the Mass Media
JLMC 303 Reporting and Writing for Broadcast
Student Media Advisor – ISU-TV

School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Drake University, Des Moines, IA      

Assistant Professor     August 2015 – July 2017 

JMC 31 – Multimedia Lab
JMC 54 – Reporting & Writing Principles
JMC 73 — Audio Reporting & Editing
JMC 103 – Public Affairs Reporting
JMC 114 – Advanced Video Production
JMC 173 – Advanced Reporting for TV & the Web

Department of Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts

San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA

Associate Professor   August 2006 – July 2015

BECA 370 – Writing for the Electronic Media
BECA 395 – Seminar: Basics of TV Reporting
BECA 395 – Seminar: Portfolio Building
BECA 460 – Critical Issues in Electronic Media
BECA 462 – The Television Documentary in the United States
BECA 646/746 – Electronic Field Production II
BECA 560 – Radio and Television News Writing
BECA 561 – News Reporting for Television
BECA 562 – Television/Video Documentary Production
BECA 576 – Internship Experience in Broadcast
BECA 660 – Television Center News
BECA 695 – Practicum
BECA 699 – Special Study, Undergraduate Students
BECA 750 – Developing and Funding Documentary Productions
BECA 899 – Special Study, Graduate Students


School of Journalism and Mass Communications

San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

Associate Professor   August 2002 – June 2006

Journalism 164 – News Writing
Journalism 165 – Reporting
Update News – Weekly student newscast aired locally on PBS


Walter Cronkite School of Communication

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ                                                        

Adjunct Faculty   August 1995 — May 2000

Various courses in Broadcast News Writing
Graduate course in television production
Faculty Advisor, “ASU NewsWatch” student newscast

Honors and Awards_________________________________________________

– NATPE Faculty Development Grant: Awarded a stipend to observe San Francisco newsrooms to learn more about multi-platform newsgathering and dissemination. A research report was submitted at grant conclusion. (Summer 2014)

– NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives) Faculty Fellowship: National competition to select a group of faculty members to attend the annual convention. Faculty participated in discussions concerning the future of digital broadcasting and the “second screen” movement. (January 2014)

– Biography contributor, “Brothers at Daybreak” by Virginia McPartland regarding documentary backstory of “The Jeeter Bug: Mission Over Iwo Jima” (March 2013)

– National Endowment for the Arts American Masterpieces Grant awarded for “Investigating Grace,” a collaborative production with the SFSU Dance Department (2010 – 11)

– Professional Development Council Affirmative Action award for release time to pursue research on dance documentary series, “Dance Stories” (Fall 2007)

– National distribution of PBS documentary, “The Jeeter Bug: Mission Over Iwo Jima” (May 2005 – Present)

– Poppy Jasper Film Festival screening of “The Jeeter Bug: Mission Over Iwo Jima” (November 2005)

– Broadcast Education Association “Award of Excellence” for “The Jeeter Bug: Mission Over Iwo Jima” (April 2005)

– CSU Research Funds to complete production on documentary “The Jeeter Bug: Mission Over Iwo Jima” (May 2004)

– SJSU Development Grant to pursue pre-production on “The Jeeter Bug: Mission Over Iwo Jima” (December 2003)

– Global Studies Institute grant to begin international program with San Jose State University and City University, London (December 2002)

– First Place award, Arizona Press Women, for “The Heat Is On,” July, 1998

– Third Place award, Arizona Press Women, for “Growing, Growing, Gone,” August 1997

Scholarly/Published Work_______________________________________________

 “Writing & Reporting News for the 21st Century: The Speed at Which We Travel” Textbook (First Edition, Summer 2018)

The manuscript is currently in development with Cognella Academic Publishing. I am co-authoring this text with two university colleagues. My contribution is in the area of social media newsgathering and dissemination. The focus is to help students research original stories, find accurate sources and create an ethical framework using social media.

Creative Work___________________________________________________

“Journalism Secrets to Social Media Storytelling & News Reporting” (Second Edition, August 2016)

This video, distributed by First Light Video, is divided into eight chapters and has an accompanying course book. Each chapter highlights a different element of social media such as using social media as a database, researching innovative stories and communicating information to a vast audience. This video and text will help students in the university classroom better understand the requirements of balanced news reporting while maximizing the use of social media tools. Video chapters can also be found on my website:

“Behind the Curtain: Tutus & Tenacity” (trailer) November 2013

This documentary focuses on the people who create the imagery and magic on stage in the world of ballet.  They are the pattern makers, fabric designers, costumers, dancers and choreographers who all play a role in the production of a tutu. The immense gathering of tulle, netting and glitter are synonymous with classical ballet, and there is a history of tutus worth exploring that involves dance icons and the richness of movement.

“Investigating Grace” April 2011

This is a short documentary that shows an unusual collaboration between a professional dance troupe, ODC/Dance, and university dance students. The documentary, which received an NEA American Masterpieces Grant, explores the concepts of love and loss through the choreography of OCD/Dance founder Brenda Way.

“Bay Area Dance Stories” November 2009

 This short documentary focuses on the importance of dance in Bay Area communities. It includes San Francisco State dancers and the Tap Dancing Christmas Trees of Alameda.

“The Inspiration of Albirda Rose” November 2008

 Dr. Albirda Rose, a Professor of Dance at San Francisco State University for more than 30 years, volunteers her talents, and her students, to bring dance to disadvantaged youth in San Francisco. This short documentary highlights her contributions to the community.

 “The Jeeter Bug: Mission Over Iwo Jima” February 2005

This is the story of a WWII bomber crew that crash-landed on Iwo Jima during the height of fighting in early 1945. The near-disaster forged a brotherhood among the men that has lasted for over 60 years. This half-hour program is run annually on PBS stations nationwide in Memorial Day and Veterans Day observances.

“The Heat Is On” July 1998

This half-hour documentary addresses the subject of climate change in the Phoenix Metropolitan area brought on by population growth. The program was produced for “Horizon,” KAET’s nightly round-table news show.

“Growing, Growing, Gone” August 1997

This program looks at the diminishing Sonoran Desert due to massive development in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, and its effects on natural resources and wildlife. The show aired as a half-hour special on KAET-TV, the PBS station in Phoenix, and a companion radio documentary ran on KJZZ-FM, the area’s NPR affiliate.


Newsroom Experience______________________________________________

KCCI-TV, Des Moines, IA (CBS)                              Freelance Reporter

January 2016 to Present

Covering political stories, including Iowa Caucuses,

and general assignment news


KRON-TV, San Francisco, CA (Independent)       Freelance Reporter & Writer

July 2000 to September 2001

Performed live news reports from various locations

Anchored news cut-ins; news writer

Produced and reported news packages


KAET-TV, Phoenix, AZ (PBS)                                     Producer/Reporter

August 1995 to June 2000

Filed reports monthly on Arizona’s economy, politics and environment

Wrote, reported, anchored and produced half-hour specials on current issues

Anchored “Horizon,” a nightly news program


CNN, Atlanta, GA                                                       Reporter

September 1995 to December 1995

Vacation-relief reporter for Southeast Bureau


Deutsche Welle International Television, Berlin, Germany             Reporter/Anchor    “European Journal”

October 1992 to June 1995

Covered business and political stories in Germany, Poland, Russia, Ireland, France and dozens of other locations in Eastern and Western Europe

Member of the original international news anchor team, English Division

Award-winning “European Journal” was seen in hundreds of U.S. cities on PBS and around the world


KRBK-TV, Sacramento, CA (Independent)                    Reporter/Anchor

January 1989 to February 1992

Lead reporter on 9:00 p.m. newscast, covered breaking news, political stories and general assignments

Traveled to Germany to cover fall of Berlin Wall, Spring 1990, to produce and report a three-part series


Officer in National Organizations

Elected to serve as BEA International Division Chair 2007-09Broadcast Education Association (BEA), Co-Chair International Division (2005-07)Student Adviser, Radio & Television News Directors Association (2002-05)

Refereed Presentation

Broadcast Education Association Regional Conference (October 2016) “Navigating the Social Media Wave: Pivotal methods for storytelling in the classroom”

University of Oregon “What is Documentary?” Conference (April 2014) – “Dance on Camera: Capturing the Art of Movement”

AEJMC National Convention (August 2005) – “The Making of a PBS Documentary: The Jeeter Bug: Mission Over Iwo Jima”

Professional Organizations

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Member

Broadcast Education Association, Member

Online News Association, Member

National Council on Public History, Member

Professional Panel Presentations (National Conventions)

“Navigating the Social Media Wave: Pivotal methods for storytelling in the classroom” (The 7th Asian Conference in Media and Mass Communication, Kobe, Japan, October 2016) Virtual Presenter

“Digging the Social Scene: Using social media to help students find creative story ideas” (AEJMC August 2016) Teaching Marathon participant

“New Age Storytelling Cocktail: Mix two-parts tradition, one-part technology with a sprinkle of ingenuity” (BEA April 2016) Moderator & Panelist

“Social Media and Global News Coverage: Incorporating international stories into campus newscasts using research skills at your fingertips” (BEA April 2014) Moderator & Panelist

“Broadcasting from the Antarctic: The Second Byrd Expedition” (BEA April 2014) Moderator

“Broadcasting History: Radio, TV and New Media” (National Council on Public History, March 2014) Panelist

“New Approaches to Broadcast History: Beneath the Surface of World War II Records” (BEA April 2013) Panelist

“Political Reporting: Teaching students to peel away the rhetoric and investigate real issues of a political campaign.” (BEA April 2012) Moderator

“Documents vs. Documentary” (BEA April 2012) Panelist

“An International Frontier: Identifying and Reporting Women’s Global Issues” (BEA April 2009) Moderator & Panelist

“Producing Documentaries: Teaching Students to Inform and Educate” (April 2007) Moderator & Panelist

“The Past is Present: Helping Journalism Students Understand the Role of History in Everyday Reporting — aka Hey, Dude What’s a Watergate?” (BEA April 2006) Moderator & Panelist

“Global Issue Awareness” (BEA April 2005) Moderator

“Dateline Overseas” (BEA April 2004) Panelist

University Service

– Faculty Senate University Hearing Panel, Drake University

– Diversity Committee, Drake University School of Journalism

– San Francisco State University (SFSU) Scholarship Committee

– SFSU Library Advisory Board

– SFSU Documentary Film Institute Advisory Board

– SFSU Women’s Association, Board Member

– Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts Department (BECA) Job Search Committee, Chair

– BECA Retention, Tenure & Promotion Committee

– BECA Scholarship Committee, Chair

– BECA Graduation Committee, Co-Chair

– BECA Technology Committee

– BECA Curriculum Committee

– BECA Hiring Committee

– BECA Graduate Committee

– BECA Graduate Thesis Adviser




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